our services

All of our full-service programs provide a single point of contact for our clients. Bellissimo manages all of our programs completely, ensuring that you receive a wonderful, tailored, streamlined experience - both in-home and in-store.


custom window treatments

Our full-service Custom Window Treatment Program includes draperies, shades and hardware, all of which we carry in-store. We offer: 

  • Assistance in determining the appropriate option for your needs, taking into consideration aesthetics, filtering and direction light, privacy and insulation
  • Assistance in the selection process for designer fabrics. This includes determining quantity, appropriateness, and pricing of the right designer fabrics for your draperies
  • Assistance with the selection and ordering of  drapery hardware 
  • Providing a quote for your custom window treatment, based on the measurements provided by you 
  • We can provide in-home window measurements (and in-store assistance with determining measurements). Our fees for this services are additional
  • Installation of custom window treatments. 
    • Custom quote required

custom upholstery

Our full-service Custom Upholstery Program offers: 

  • Assistance in helping you to select, price, quantify and determine the appropriateness of the right designer fabrics required for your furniture
  • Providing a quote for the upholstery service based on pictures and measurements provided
  • In-home pick-up and delivery of each and every furniture piece we upholster within HRM.  Delivery outside of HRM is available for a fee.  

sewing services

Our Sewing Workroom offers a wide variety of custom sewing services including: 

  • Pillows
  • Bedskirts
  • Duvet Covers
  • Drapery
  • Slipcovers

For sewing services, Bellissimo offers:

  • Assistance in selecting, pricing, determining quantity required, and ordering the appropriate designer fabric for your project
  • Providing a quote for your project
  • Inspecting your fabric to ensure optimal quality before our workroom begins your project
  • For our Slipcover Program, we can arrange for pick-up and delivery of smaller furniture pieces to the workroom. For larger pieces of furniture, our seamstress will go to your house in order to determine the perfect measurements for your piece!